Its funny how
Strings of letters
Holding thoughts
Are so strong

They can tear
And they can heal
They can turn your soul
Around and hold
A mirror for your mind

Show you what you missed
In the others
Then like Narcissus you’ll want
To sit all day
Gazing with your ears

Just to hear
Softly uttered
Close your eyes
And listen up.

The real mirror resides
Within the heart
The reflection you hear
Is the only one
That counts.

And words are strong
Embrace them
Use them as a shield
Protection against
Word villains

The hardest kind
To fight
Attack in the dark
Find the chink in your armor
And let fly

Those arrows find their mark
So let these words
Soothe those wounds
Mend the breaks
Make you whole

I give these words
Letters on strings
Holding thoughts
Wear them