War and Peace


Though many folks I’ve known, a few
Had things to say I’ve listened to
That struck a chord deep in my heart
That wasn’t flat and wasn’t sharp
But mellow, rising, joyful, rang…
Until in spite of ME I sang

I’ve learned the song, its called BELIEF
and helps when feeling doubt, or grief
Or sadness for what cannot be
the inner pictures none can see
It aids Hope’s growth to find a form…
Reality enters to perform

The secret play you’ve written down
On cobwebbed scraps the brain has found
From time to time to store the scene
The Master’s changes have not been
Included here – he plans to throw…
An Unexpected Curve, you know?

To test the skill and strength of those
Whose heads were blessed with gifts bestowed
The Favored Few – a sorry lot
For no one understands they’ve got
Strong legs their steeper hill to climb…
The view, on top, must be sublime

The sight, reserved for just a few
is doubted by the others who
Will never reach the summit there
And don’t believe, or do not care
Look not where beauty might be found…
Their ears are filled with other sounds

They shake their heads, they mill and throng
And never hear the pipers song
In their unseeing, find they bliss
A feeling that I must have missed
When standing in the hand-out line…
I’ve no regrets, it suits me fine

There will be roads that I must take
To understand what’s real – what’s fake
To seek the truth, the cost is dear
The way is far, I mustn’t fear
The pay is low, the hours long…
I thank the Teacher for the Song.