Unzip my mind and come inside
The citadel where I reside
I’ve hardly had a guest or two
Invitees are fairly few

My heart lies here an open book
You’re free to come and take a look
If you are gentle, understand
Within this realm is what I am

The world is harsh and insincere
And none of them are welcome here
This is my fortress, my domain
And not by force is entry gained

The gardens here are lush and green
Flowers fragrant, water clean
Twas here I grew my babies sweet
Fed them what was good to eat

Love and humor, kindness, trust
Valor, ethics, bits of dust
Tolerance and self-esteem
Polished till they brightly gleam

Now they have gardens that they’ve grown
Filled with dreamscapes of their own
A place that’s theirs and they can share
With whom they wish or will or dare

But where they used to romp and play
Is empty now, babes do not stay
That’s just the way that things should be
You hold them close then set them free

But oh! This view is nice when shared
So come inside if you’re not scared
Touch my heart, I’ll let you in
If you know the secret PIN