To Daddy


Remember my childhood, the day before last?
How very quickly time has passed
And I’ve grown up, have kids of my own
Our lives have changed, we mail by phone

But even so, I don’t forget
the lovely times together spent
In treks and jaunts to unknown places
You, forever drawing faces

Trying to capture, on paper, their spirit
Speaking in whispers so no one would hear it
Of how their noses turned out wrong
Or why their faces were so long

To look at things with an artists eye
Is seeing what’s wrong and then to try
And fix the objects impeding the way
To perfection itself – the worlds full of clay

The clay is full of rocks and slag
Finding clean pieces an arduous drag
But you’ve taught me persistence, it serves me well
Now everyone says “You’re a chip off of Mel!”

Happy Fathers Day

With love from your little chip