Modern Magic


Not right to stay away so long. No poems

Words escape me. Lost in wonder I can’t believe
No measure, just Pleasure. Sight.
Rapture. Speech redundant.

Contrast and Compare
Underline. BOLD. Italic.
Nine months since I have been
Reborn. Visual.

There just aren’t words. Yet.
Massive. Too amazing to describe.
So many words, thoughts
No real clarity. I ponder

Petty tyrants – who cares? They can’t compete.
LOGIC – Old friend, keeps telling me.
While I grope for understanding in the dark
Stumble over barricades and search my soul.

Unafraid, like a flower. Open to the future.
Accepting of the past. Of the moment.
NOW. Time to see Essence.
Let go. Breathe in and out. Visualize.